Volunteering is simple! Find a local school or youth program interested in STEM programming and ask them to host you as a volunteer. Each activity is easy to deliver and can be hosted in virtually any school, club, organization or community program. Learn more or share this opportunity with others!

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Supply Chain STEM volunteers make a big impact! Thanks to many volunteers and educators, we are well on our way to reaching 100,000 students by 2020. 

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Supply Chain STEM Heroes

Is there an amazing volunteer or educator in your life? Nominate them as a Supply Chain STEM Hero! Heroes selected by APICS will be recognized for their awesome contributions using the Supply Chain STEM program. Nominate someone today!
Bobby Wu

Featured Supply Chain STEM Hero:

Bobby Wu
Outsourcing Program Manager, Intel

"Being 6’4”, every time I step into a classroom from K-6, I always get ooh’s and ah’s on how tall I am. I always appreciate returning to schools and having students recognize me as the 'Lego Guy.'"