High School

Cell Phone Game

The Cell Phone Game is a fun and engaging activity for 9th – 12th graders that uses every day common themes and incorporates key STEM and Supply Chain concepts. Volunteers or teachers lead students through an interactive game of supply and demand. Student interaction and team-building is encouraged through supplier and retail roles as well as team roles of accountant, purchasing, and sales.

Fun Fact: 
The Cell Phone Game was initially developed by college student Kelsey Hughes as her thesis project at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University.

STEM Concepts

  • Planning (Math)
  • Metrics (Math)
  • Quality (Engineering)

Supply Chain Concepts

  • Insource versus outsource
  • Lead time and cost relationships
  • Random demand
  • Managing inventory
  • Accounting/revenue

Students are introduced to:

  • Supply and demand strategies
  • Value of Supplier Relationship Management
  • Relationship between modes of transportation, cost, and lead time
  • Strategic thinking to balance demand, inventory (supply), and funds.