Q: Why teach kids about supply chain and STEM?

A: By 2025, 60 million baby boomers will exit the workforce, leaving a gigantic gap in talent, with only 40 million millennials ready to take their place. Along with this loss of highly skilled individuals, trends of training budget cuts and accelerating technology development are creating a concerning outlook for the future of supply chain talent. APICS is committed to decreasing the global supply chain talent gap.

Q: What programs are offered?

A: Each hands-on, interactive game teaches students about key STEM concepts and how they factor into the supply chain. We currently offer several distinct, age-appropriate programs:

Q: How can I get involved in Supply Chain STEM?

A: The program is delivered by volunteers and teachers in a variety of settings: schools, social organizations, clubs, and community programs. Each activity is easy to deliver and can be hosted in virtually any school, club, organization or community program. You can volunteer, donate, or talk to your school about bringing in Supply Chain STEM.

Q: When did Supply Chain STEM start?

A: The program began in 2011 as collaboration between several universities, Intel, and 2 Arizona charter schools, with the goal of introducing students to Supply Chain and STEM through hands-on fun.

Q: Alright! I’m ready to run the program. What materials do I need?

A: Running the program is easy! Kit descriptions with everything needed to run the activities are available on the STEM Activities page.

Q: How can I contribute financially to Supply Chain STEM?

A: Your organization can learn about supporting the Supply Chain STEM Program by visiting our supporters page. Or you can make an individual donation.