Student and Volunteer Feedback

We are proud to report outstanding student and volunteer feedback from past APICS Case Competitions. Below are quotes from recent competition participants.

About the competition overall:
  • Very fun and intense.
  • This experience was one in a kind. I learn more from this competition than from some of the courses that I have attended. Thank you for the opportunity.
  • Great experience, happy to have this opportunity of learning and meeting great people.
  • Thank you for setting up this initiative. This is a great experience.
  • All in all, we loved the case competition materials this year. It was a fun ride!  And definitely a valuable experience. Thank you for having us!!
  • An appreciable effort towards improving supply chain community in the world.
About the event logistics:
  • Absolutely great service and logistics.
  • I thought it was very simple and easy!
  • I think the process is really efficient.
  • All was a smooth ride.
About the mentor relationship:
  • I think it's a great idea to encourage teams to connect with a mentor/adviser.
  • Our mentor was quite friendly and supportive.
  • A piece of advice for students: As first-year students in our program, we were overly shy about soliciting faculty support and as a consequence had little guidance. This is an issue for us to work out with faculty and staff at our school.