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Industry Tools

  • Industry Tools -- November/December 2017

    • APICS partners
    November/December 2017

    Learn about the latest products in the supply chain, operations management, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation industries.......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- September/October 2017

    • APICS partners
    September/October 2017

    SSI SCHAEFER introduced the SSI Carrier, a compact, overhead conveying system designed to meet the demands of e-commerce distribution and returned goods. The system contains a universal carrier, circulating conveyor, accumulation conveyor and switches alongside workstations for loading and unloading carrier units. An overhead carrier transports hanging goods, pockets or pouches on rollers at rates as fast as 10,000 carriers per hour, with radio frequency identification tag on each carrier. The tool distributes flow evenly, eliminates declines and uses 10 percent less space for multiple levels of inventory processing.......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- July/August 2017

    • APICS partners
    July/August 2017

    Crown Equipment announced the addition of its Auto Positioning System and Auto Fence operator-assist technology as part of its forklift automation solutions portfolio. The Auto Positioning System uses manual or shared pick locations in a linked warehouse management system to take the most effective route to the next rack location. ......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- May/June 2017

    • APICS partners
    May/June 2017

    IBM partnered with Maersk in a pilot to bring blockchain technology to cross-border supply chain solutions in the shipping and logistics industry. Blockchain provides end-to-end visibility between global trading partners by allowing each party to see the progress of goods and documentation processes through the supply chain in real time. ......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- March/April 2017

    • APICS partners
    March/April 2017

    IFS released version 5.8 of its IFS Mobile Workforce Management solution. This tool supports automatic shift planning and rostering for individuals or groups based on a variety of constraints, such as number of work hours, number of work days, and permissible shift patterns. New self-learning scheduling features also use an extended data archive to allow for more informed scheduling decisions. Other features, such as capacity planning and target-based scheduling, now run in scalable, multi-tenant Microsoft Azure environments to support occasional users and ensure maximum system availability for the solution’s dynamic scheduling engine.......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- January/February 2017

    • APICS partners
    January/February 2017

    C3 Solutions announces C3 Yard—the latest addition to its software-as-a-service logistics optimization product suite, C3 Hub. C3 Yard features real-time visibility into yard activity with color codes, zoom features, complete yard inventory, exportable trailer lists, and one-click access to vehicle details and history. In addition, users can receive alerts about trailer maintenance, idle assets, late arrivals and departures, refused shunter tasks, and other time-sensitive events. C3 Yard also can be integrated to communicate with other supply chain systems, such as warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, and enterprise resources planning systems.......Read More

  • Industry Tools -- November/December 2016

    • APICS partners
    November/December 2016

    METTLER TOLEDO now offers a family of shipping scales designed for retail shipping stores, post offices, corporate mail rooms, warehouse shipping docks, and warehouse packing stations. The BC Scales combine METTLER TOLEDO’s reliable, rugged operation with the latest technology. Each scale is equipped with a Boot Up Wizard for easy setup and configuration, an intuitive interface for ease of use, multiple language settings, and information about various global approvals.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--September/October 2016

    • APICS partners
    September/October 2016

    ArrowStream enhanced its OnDemand platform to better help restaurants and food service providers manage their food supply. OnDemand now features an updated interface tailored for managing spend, inventory, contracts, promotions, and pricing. The system aggregates data from a restaurant’s supply chain partners to provide users with insights, transparency, and control.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--July/August 2016

    • APICS partners
    July/August 2016

    Motorola Solutions introduced its next-generation MOTOTRBO line of digital radios. Designed for plant workers in manufacturing, government services, transportation, and other industries, the radios are equipped with 29 hours of battery life, man-down alerts, and indoor location tracking.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--May/June 2016

    • APICS partners
    May/June 2016

    Pexip launched a new communication tool for businesses that is designed to overcome many of the technological challenges associated with virtual conferencing. The solution, Infinity, wraps a transcoding engine, a multipoint control unit, and a gateway together into a unified platform that can connect multiple legacy video conferencing systems to each other or to Microsoft Skype for Business, web browsers, tablets and smartphones, audio conferences, and more.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--March/April 2016

    • APICS partners
    March/April 2016

    Rootstock Software released its Mini-Picker solution for 3-D bin picking of small industrial parts. The Mini-Picker is available with the Universal Robots UR5 collaborative robot, which is designed to be easy to deploy and re-deploy as production needs change. Combined, the solution enables companies to automate machine loading and unloading, boost production rates and machine use, and enhance returns on investment, the company says.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--January/February 2016

    • APICS partners
    January/February 2016

    Rootstock Software is pilot-testing its Rootstock ERP Performance Dashboards, an app powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics platform. The system is designed to help business users sift through big data repositories to determine patterns and performance trends within their enterprises from any device.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--November/December 2015

    • APICS partners
    November/December 2015

    Advantech released its first 4K Ultra HD OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) signage player, the DS-270. The device is capable of both 4K-ultra-HD and full-HD playback and also can power dual displays in ultra-HD resolution. Bundled with content management and remote management software, the DS-270 is suitable for digital signage applications in conferencing, education, retail, and more, the company says. More

  • Industry Tools--September/October 2015

    • APICS partners
    September/October 2015

    IFS launched IFS Applications 9, the new core version of its extended enterprise applications suite. Upgraded features include the IFS Lobby, which offers a clear and tailored view of the business or situation as it relates to a role or process; IFS Streams, a notification system that posts updates and actions that are relevant to individual users; embedded customer relationship management capabilities; and enhanced support for global business. ......Read More

  • Industry Tools--July/August 2015

    • APICS partners
    July/August 2015

    Rockwell Automation has added a custom-device, plug-in capability to its FactoryTalk AssetCentre version 6.0 asset-management software. The tool enables manufacturers and industrial operators to centrally manage controllers and other automation-related assets. System integrators also can develop reusable plug-ins to connect the software to unlimited third-party devices. This connectivity is intended to expand monitoring, backup, and recovery capabilities. ......Read More

  • Industry Tools--May/June 2015

    • APICS partners
    May/June 2015

    DENSO ADC announces its new BHT1300-CE wireless and batch, 1-D and 2-D, handheld bar code terminals. The compact, lightweight devices feature the Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system and a rugged design backed by a three-year warranty.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--March/April 2015

    • APICS partners
    March/April 2015

    Automation Service now is offering a series of three Rotork electric actuators that are compatible with its line of remanufactured control valves. The tools include the IQ, CVA, and CMA ranges of electric actuators. ......Read More

  • Industry Tools--January/February 2015

    • APICS partners
    January/February 2015

    Featuring the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies......Read More

  • Industry Tools--September/October 2014

    • APICS partners
    September/October 2014

    "Industry Tools" features the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies.......Read More

  • Industry Tools--July/August 2014

    • APICS partners
    July/August 2014

    "Industry Tools" features the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies.......Read More