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Be Prepared for a SCOR Implementation

APICS offers on-site training that provides in–depth understanding of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, widely recognized as the global standard for supply chain management. APICS works with organizations to program SCOR training, delivered to your supply chain group, department, or cross-functional project team. You select the date, instructor, location and venue.

Group training can dramatically reduce travel costs, lost work time, and the average training fee per employee. In–house training also allows your employees to discuss how to adopt the tools and techniques learned in the training, applied to your organization, increasing retention and ROI.

Questions about the SCOR Professional Training program? View our FAQ page.

Group training benefits

Speed Group training allows your organization to train teams quickly, during the hours of the day and time of year that works best for your business. Many organizations schedule group training when launching a supply chain improvement program.

Customization – In-house training helps attendees understand SCOR implementation directly within the context of the unique requirements and challenges of your business.

Group competency and relationship building – Taking a supply chain team through training together drives consistent learning across the team. The cross–functional thinking and collaboration that develop during group training can then be leveraged to speed implementation in your organization.

Cost – It is far more cost effective to conduct on–site group training than to send teams to public trainings. Typically the cost is 30% to 50% less expensive than the total cost of public training sessions.


Get started today

To request a meeting to review the in-house training process, outline customization options, and discuss scheduling and pricing, contact APICS Corporate Development