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Develop a Team of Recognized Experts in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

The Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation is the newest APICS certification that provides specialized knowledge and expertise in logistics, transportation and distribution. Directors, managers and support staff who earn the CLTD designation will have demonstrated a mastery of essential principles and become a recognized expert in the industry.


Close skill gaps and realize results

APICS CLTD program benefits can be achieved in a matter of months, allowing individuals, teams and organizations a quick return on investment and long-term bottom-line results. At the same time, CLTD certification helps employers reduce the skills gap in one of the largest, fastest growing fields in the world by developing the professional skills needed to enhance career advancement and meet customer demand.


Training delivery options

APICS offers several options for CLTD training that suit different learning styles, schedules, group sizes and locations. Training for organizations can be conducted on site, through instructor-led courses or via self-study programs. APICS manages the registration, training materials and instructor.

The APICS CLTD Online Learning System provides a personal path toward success through interactive study tools. This new set of web-based tools helps users apply the concepts learned in the reading materials and test their understanding and retention of the topics. Users have access to the online tools for one year.


CLTD advances excellence

Following APICS’s consolidation with the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL), the CLTD designation supersedes the Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) program.


The Industry Standard: Like all APICS certifications, the CLTD is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge and reference materials, setting the global standard for best practices.

Current Content: Created by APICS and a team of subject matter experts, the CLTD study program and exam incorporates the latest thinking, industry trends and best practices.

Customized Learning: Organizations can choose the learning option that best matches their learning style and schedules. The SmartStudy pretest lets participants develop a personalized study plan based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Affordability: Organizations save time and money by choosing APICS education that provides the content, learning tools and testing in one streamlined resource.

Ongoing Value: Use the CLTD Learning System as a valuable day-to-day reference manual providing guidelines that address a wide range of logistics and business challenges.


Areas of study

CLTD education focuses on eight content areas:

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
  2. Capacity Planning and Demand Management
  3. Order Management
  4. Inventory and Warehouse Management
  5. Transportation Management
  6. Global Logistics Considerations
  7. Logistics Network Design
  8. Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Within each are topics that include packaging; materials handling; lean logistics; transportation modes, routing, carrier selection and documentation; the global regulatory framework; and global currencies and taxes, providing candidates with an in-depth, specialized knowledge base.


Get started today

To request a meeting to review the in-house training process, outline customization options, and discuss scheduling and pricing, contact APICS Corporate Development