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Q: What is the SCOR app, and what does it do?

A: The SCOR Quick Reference Guide (QRG) app gives professionals mobile access to the most widely used elements of the SCOR knowledge system. The home screen is divided into four quadrants: process, performance, practices and people. Each touchscreen opens windows with sub-categories that outline the level one and two definitions, performance metrics calculations and definitions for some of the top best practices and people skills in accordance with the SCOR framework. A very effective quick search function lets you look up any term.

Q: Does the app replace the QRG, or will a hard copy version remain for those who prefer?  

A:  For those who prefer, hard copies of the printed SCOR QRG will continue to be sold through Shop APICS. In addition to the app, APICS SCC will update and make available a printed version that includes the latest SCOR content.

Q: How is the app different from the printed QRG already in use?

 A: The new app offers much more extensive content than the printed/pdf version, which only includes the names and labels for processes and performance metrics.  The app provides definitions for all level one and two processes and performance metrics, and all calculations for level one and two metrics, which is far more content than can be seen on the QRG.  The app design and structure allows a large amount of information to be easily accessible and searched in a very easy to understand format.  The SCOR model book is a two volume, 979-page document, so the app makes searching and understanding the SCOR structure much easier and simpler. 

Q: Is there an app for the SCOR framework? 

A: No, the complete SCOR framework does not translate into an app. This app is a complementary reference resource with definitions and calculations that support the larger SCOR framework.

Q: How do you download the app?

A: The app can is available for download from on iTunes and Google Play for free.

Q: Is the app helpful for anyone working in supply chain, or is it applicable only for those individuals and organizations utilizing the SCOR model?

A: The SCOR app provides germane definitions and metrics that offer tremendous value to professionals in the supply chain community at large, but the performance benefits of the SCOR model are only realized when an organization implements the framework across the enterprise.

Q: Does the app run on tablets, laptops or desktop computers? Is it a native app or a web app?

A:  Not at this time. The SCOR quick reference app runs on smartphone devices only.  The SCOR app is a native app that resides on your smartphone.

Q: Where can I suggest changes or additions to the app?

A: We welcome your feedback on the app and look forward to your comments and reviews. Please send your suggestions regarding the app to our team at