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Understand How We Measure

The SCORmark benchmark process combines the SCOR metric hierarchy, PwC’s PMG historical data population of over 1,000 companies and 2,000 supply chains, and a 20-year history of collaboration, to help companies:

  1. Define supply chains
  2. Measure internal and external performance
  3. Compare performance to relevant industry vertical companies
  4. Establish competitive requirements
  5. Calculate the opportunity value of improvement

 Industry verticals

  1. Aerospace and defense
  2. Automotive and industrial
  3. Computers
  4. Consumer goods
  5. Electronic equipment
  6. Energy, chemicals and applied materials
  7. Medical devices and equipment
  8. Semiconductors
  9. Telecom and network equipment

 Six steps facilitated to complete a SCORmark study

  1. Conduct an Orientation Webinar
  2. Begin the Survey
  3. Conduct a Survey Support Webinar
  4. Complete and Submit the Survey
  5. Conduct Final Survey Quality Assurance
  6. Conduct SCORmark™ Result Readout
Learn more about how SCOR metrics are categorized into five performance attributes.

For more information regarding SCORmark, please contact Peter Bolstorff, APICS Executive V.P., at

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