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Instant Data at your Fingertips

The manufacturing benchmarking tool adds a core benefit to APICS Corporate Members. Without inputting any data, members can search the manufacturing benchmarks practices and performance metrics, by industry (organized by NAICS code) and/or criteria, and see results for up to three years of study data.

Some benchmark metrics are common and essential to all industries covered and, as such, should appear in all reports. These get at performance levels of cost, quality, timeliness, and productivity necessary for all manufacturers: 

  • Cost of goods sold (COGS) as a percentage of plant revenue
  • Labor costs as percentage of COGS
  • Material costs as percentage of COGS
  • Overhead costs as percentage of COGS
  • Production volume as a percentage of designed plant capacity
  • On-time delivery percentage
  • First-pass yield 
  • Inventory turns
  • Percentage reduction in energy usage per unit of output
  • Sales per employee
Other benchmarks will be incorporated as appropriate because they are likely to be more meaningful to a specific sector than others:
  • Warranty costs as a percentage of plant sales (industrial machinery manufacturers)
  • Percentage of imported materials and components (industrial machinery manufacturers)
  • Scrap and rework rates as a percentage of plant sales (electronic products)
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (chemicals and food products)
  • Return on invested capital (chemicals)
  • Customer retention rates (food products)
  • Percentage of obsolete inventory (measuring, analyzing and controlling instruments)
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