Learning Paths

Explore topics that are forward-thinking for supply chain, logistics and operations management professionals with our learning paths inspired by the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, Enable.


Supply and demand planning is a fundamental process that spans the entire value chain. Keys to success include balancing resources and requirements, effective project management, and business rules that measure and improve productivity. Sessions in the Plan learning path will help you maximize inventory, capacity, and production operations for precise demand management; optimize resources; and align supply chain and financial plans for bottom-line results.


Effectively meeting demand requires expert procurement of both raw materials and services, precise scheduling, and skillful supplier management. Attend educational sessions in the Source learning path to develop outstanding supplier networks, agreements, and performance measures; expert inventory management; and essential quality control. You will learn how to address, improve, and communicate sourcing decisions to advance your company, suppliers, and customers. 


The value of a product rests on critical production activities such as staging, assembly, machining, testing, packaging, and more. Create real product value on the Make learning path by discovering how to establish and achieve outstanding production networks, equipment, and facilities; efficient engineering changes; meaningful production goals; proper scheduling and sequencing; and strategic short-term capacity planning.


A strong logistics, transportation, and delivery program enables supply chains to meet and exceed customer needs. The Deliver learning path will help you provide the highest levels of order accuracy so you may truly enhance product flow. Educational sessions will reveal valuable lessons in warehousing and finished inventories; insights into scheduling, pick, pack, shipment, and invoicing; and proven import and export tactics. 


Given the growth of omni-channel commerce and the complexity of global networks, supply chain organizations of all kinds must be prepared to manage returns for myriad reasons. Mastering reverse logistics processes has a direct impact on customer service, return on investment, and the cost of doing business. The Return learning path encompasses business rules, assets, and regulatory requirements; maintenance, repair, and overhaul; and much more. 


Superior supply chains are built by professionals who possess a mastery of current industry issues as well as emerging trends and technologies. Attend educational sessions in the Enable learning path to become a more informed, deliberate and effective supply chain leader. The educational sessions will illuminate new opportunities, clarify organizational strategy, help you overcome risk with a more resilient network and maximize team performance.