Earn Employer Support to attend APICS 2018

Gain support from your employer to attend APICS 2018. By demonstrating to management that attendance to APICS 2018 will bring value to the organization, you may earn approval to attend. 

Use our employer support letter template as a guide!

Lay out the benefits of attending


Attending APICS 2018 pays off. It is a time-efficient, education-intensive event that gives you the skills you need to build an optimized, high-performing supply chain. Clearly show that what you learn at the conference can be applied to your organization and conforms to your organization’s strategic goals. 

Earning credits

If you’re a CPIM, CSCP, CLTD or Fellow, you can earn up to 24 professional development points towards maintaining your designation. Attending the Principles of S&OP seminar qualifies for seven contact hours toward the APICS S&OP Education Certificate. Attending the Supply Chain Risk Management seminar qualifies for seven contact hours towards the APICS Risk Management Education Certificate.

Enhanced competencies and empowered leadership

You will return to work motivated and informed with new self-confidence along with relevant skills and knowledge that you can apply right away. 

Presentations to your team

Upon your return from APICS 2018, lead presentations to the supply chain team at your organization to share what you’ve learned with those who did not attend, supported by copies of materials and your notes.

Learn about new tools, technologies and processes

The conference and Expo give you firsthand exposure to the newest tools, approaches and best practices that you can explore, discuss and apply at your workplace. 

Build a network

Identify the speakers, exhibitors and industry representatives you want to meet, and actively seek them out at the conference. Post-conference, connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn and follow up with them as appropriate.

Cost savings

The sooner you register, the lower the registration fees. Save up to $600 by registering early!